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I’d like to take this opportunity to update you on a few of my favorite website entries over the past month:

From ‘One Man’s Junk Is Another Man’s Art’

Who can forget that charming owl sculpture which helped launch my website so many moons ago. You’ll be excited to learn that the artist’s friend, also in elementary school, was non too keen on being left out of the spotlight. Here is her original drawing, of either a person holding up two turkey legs over a little christmas tree, or the tanned, unshaven legs of an insane person, whose anus dangles precariously over a writhing, malformed artichoke. You decide which. I already have.

From ‘These M&Ms Died In Vain’

A revisit to the car wash has taught me that nothing lasts forever. The M&M machine is gone and in its place is this…ungodly creation. Note how some of the tongue orbs are nauseated by their own cheapness. Incidentally, I’ve never paid a dime to tug anyone’s tongue before, and I don’t intend to start now.
From ‘A Santa For Thanksgiving'

The real-life Gary Gobble is far less iconic than the one I made up.
Also, I’d you to meet Pete, a family friend from Long Island and all-around good guy. When Pete imbibes his favorite drink, coincidentally Wild Turkey, he turns into Goofy Pete. Here’s Pete in a sombrero.
It wasn’t a theme party.
From ‘Pooding’

If you liked Pooding, you’re really going to love Weeding. I know I do. Technically, one begets the other.
From ‘Dinosaur Cake’

Yesterday the headless dinosaur cake escaped its confines and ran out of the house to freedom, leaving behind part of its fluorescent reptile skin in the process.
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